Trails and Roads - Washington

Alaskan Way Trail (Seattle, WA)
Length: 3 miles

The Alaskan Way Trail runs along Seattle's waterfront from Myrtle Edwards Park at Pier 70 to Safeco Field and points south. The surface is fairly good, but there are numerous obstacles (intersections, train tracks, tourists, etc.) that require good stopping skills. This trail is flat and very scenic.

Alki Beach (West Seattle, WA)
Length: 3.5 miles

The Alki trail is flat and smooth with great food, incredible scenery, and beautiful sunsets. Be cautious of trail traffic right around the main beach area during the summer.

Apple Capital Loop Trail (Wenatchee, WA)
Length: 13 miles

This trail is excellent for bikers and skaters.  It's a beautiful trail and
especially nice because it's a loop.  You can start wherever you want and
end up never having to see the same thing twice! 

Apple Capital Loop Trail

Bill Chipman Trail (Moscow, ID to Pullman, WA)
Length: 7 miles

This trail runs between Pullman, Wa and Moscow, Id.

Burke-Gilman Trail/Sammamish River Trail (Redmond, WA to Ballard)
Length: 27 miles

The Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trail is a series of linked trails which start at Marymoor Park in Redmond and run around the north end of Lake Washington, past the UW, to 11th Avenue NW in Ballard. Two major skating events are held on the Burke annually -- the Solstice Skate in June, and the Seattle Skate for MS (formerly the Seattle Super Skate) in August. The Burke has varied terrain, from extremely smooth to a little rough. There are a few small hills and street crossings which may prove a little challenging for beginners, but over all, the trail system has a lot to offer skaters of all skill levels.

Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail

Cedar River Trail (Renton, WA)
Length: 16 miles

The Cedar River Trail has been extended to 11 miles and has a fantastic new surface. The only challenging part is a tight spiraling hill which turns into a tunnel.

Centennial Trail (Snohomish, WA to Lake Stevens)
Length: 17 miles

The Centennial Trail is nicely paved and mostly flat which makes it a great place for skaters of all skill levels.

Chief Sealth Trail (Seattle, WA - Beacon Hill)
Length: 3.6 miles

This trail is brand new and runs through the Beacon Hill area.

Seattle DOT Chief Sealth Trail Website

Chehalis Western Trail (Chehalis, WA)
Length: 15 miles

This is another Rails to Trails project.  According to skatenw members, the most skatable part is south from the 14th ave access point for about 8 miles.  There is a map on the website listed below.

  • GPS Coordinates
    y 719366.38743 Longitude - 122.55965
    x 1129304.5257 Latitude - 47.28763
  • The Cushman Powerline Trail is approximately 2 ½ miles of non-motorized public trail next to Highway 16 from the Kimball Drive Park & Ride Lot in Gig Harbor to 14th Avenue NW. The trail occupies the land adjacent to or under the Cushman Power line which is generally used by Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) maintenance vehicles.

    The Trail is a 16 foot wide paved asphalt pedestrian route exclusively for non-motorized uses. With rolling hills, smooth pavement and easy accessibility, this trail is great for kids of all ages. The trailhead with no restroom facility has parking for 12 cars and is located at 14th Ave NW.

    The Gig Harbor Rotary Club assists Pierce County and the City of Gig Harbor in providing trail improvements such as bike racks, benches and picnic tables.

    Spokane River/North Idaho Centennial Trail (Spokane, WA to Coeur d' Alene, ID)
    Length: 37 miles in WA and 23 miles in Id

    The Spokane River Centennial Trail runs from Nine Mile Falls along the Spokane River all the way to the Idaho state line. Pavement quality is good, with some frost heaves and patches in several places. There are a few hills which require good stopping skills to avoid the other users. Use caution on the pedestrian overpass at mile 21 near Gonzaga. At mile 15 the trail is a narrow and follows a rough road section. From there to the border it gets scenic, and has several wooded sections. At the Washington border, the trail continues into Idaho for 23 more miles into Coeur d'Alene. Please see the North Idaho Centennial Trail entry below.

    North Idaho Centennial Trail website

    Foothills Trail (Orting, WA)
    Length: currently 7 miles + 1.8 miles

    The Foothills Trail currently has 8.8 paved miles available for use beginning at Orting City Park. There are plans to extend the trail up to 26 miles which will run from McMillan through Orting and South Prairie to Wilkeson and Carbonado. Don't miss the incredible views of Mt. Rainier.

    Green Lake (Seattle, WA)
    Length: 2.8 miles

    Greenlake is surrounded by a beautifully paved trail which, on nice days, is packed with people enjoying the view, the food, and the fresh air. It is a great place for beginner and social skaters, but not so great for those interested in skating faster than 15 mph due to the heavy foot traffic. Greenlake is also the home of the Seattle chapter of the National Skate Patrol. The red-shirted patrollers can often be spotted on the weekends during the summer giving mini skate clinics, patching up scraped knees, and promoting trail etiquette. Be sure to stop and say hi.

    Green River Trail (Tukwila, WA to Kent, WA)
    Length: 12 miles
    The Green River Trail follows the Green River. It starts in Fort Dent Park in Tukwila and winds its way south to just east of Hwy 167 in Kent. At the bridge there is a path that connects to the Interurban Trail. King County has stated plans to connect the Green River Trail all the way up to Alki.

    I-90 Trail (Seattle, WA to Bellevue, WA)
    Length: 6 miles

    The I-90 trail runs from Bellevue Way on the east side, across Mercer Island, to Rainier Avenue South on the west side. The surface is asphalt in places, and otherwise textured concrete, but has several large expansion joints. There are usually a lot of cyclists and runners, so be aware. Strong braking and maneuvering skills are required for this trail. One of the more popular starting points is at the Metro Park & Ride Lot on Mercer Island. From either way on I-90, take the second Mercer Island exit. The Park & Ride is on the north side of the exit intersection.

    Interurban Trail (Everett to Montlake Terrace, WA)
    Length: 15.4 miles

    This trail winds its way from South Everett to NW Mountlake Terrace, ending 1-1/2 miles North of the King County border. There are a lot of street crossings and areas where sidewalks/roadside bike paths are used as well as a few continuous sections without any crossings that are each about 3 miles long. The overpass across I-5, just North of the Alderwood Mall, doesn’t have much of a path and is a bit challenging.

    Interurban Trail (Pacific, WA to Tukwila, WA)
    Length: 14 miles

    The Interurban Trail intertwines with the Green River Trail and, when completed, the two systems will cover 46 miles. The King County website lists access points.

    Clarkston/Lewiston Levee Trail (Clarkston, WA to Lewiston, ID)
    Length: about 18 miles

    The Lewiston/Clarkston levee trail runs for about 6 miles on the Washington side of the Snake River from Clarkston to Asotin and continues on the Idaho side of the Snake River for about 6 miles before turning east in Lewiston and heading up the Clearwater River for about 6 more miles. The entire route is very scenic and, although there are a few rough areas, much of the trail is newly repaved and ideal for skating. The dry eastern Washington weather makes this trail accessible almost year round. There are only a few minor obstacles. First, there are three bridge crossings, but very minimal contact with traffic. Second, watch out for dogs on long leashes and pass with care. The users tend to be very courteous, but are not used to higher speed trail traffic. Third, watch out for the ducks and geese. They've made a few areas extremely slippery.

    Myrtle Edwards Park (Seattle, WA)
    Length: 1.25 miles

    Myrtle Edwards Park is located on the Seattle waterfront with excellent views of Elliot Bay and Mount Rainier.

    Seattle Parks and Recreation - Myrtle Edwards Park

    Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail (South Hill Community Park, WA)
    Length: 1.6 miles

    Named in honor of Sgt. Nathan Chapman, a South Hill resident, the Chapman Memorial trail connects South Hill Community Park with the Heritage Recreation Center.  This paved trail system is about 1.6 miles long and surrounded by large trees and beautiful scenary, creating an easy and enjoyable walk to either site.

  • South Hill Park Entrance
    y 659478.99796 Longitude - 122.31208
    x 1189387.43473 Latitude - 47.12753

  • Hertiage Recreation Center Entrance
    y 663175.75775 Longitude - 122.30620
    x 1190937.23126 Latitude - 47.13776
  • Point Defiance Park (Tacoma, WA)
    Length: 5 miles +

    Point Defiance Park is an extremely difficult skate and is not suited for anyone lacking confident and advanced control on hills and in traffic. The main road (5 Mile Drive) is a long hilly park road with no level areas and some steep fast downhills. There are a few side tracks worth taking. One bonus is that 5 Mile Drive is closed to motorized traffic every Sunday until 1 p.m.

    Ruston Way Trail (Tacoma, WA)
    Length: 2.5 miles

    The Ruston Way Trail is located on Tacoma's northwest waterfront and is a great recreational trail.

    Seward Park (Seattle, WA)
    Length: 1 km

    Seward Park has a windy road which circles around a hill through parking areas. It is a great skate, but should only be attempted by those with good control on hills and in traffic and those who want a good uphill cardio workout. The views are incredible.

    Seattle Parks - Seward Park

    Soos Creek Trail (Kent, WA)
    Length: 4 miles

    This is an extremely fun and scenic trail that consists of several gentle uphill and downhill slopes.  Please note that many of the hills have corners and turns so please make sure that you have decent hill and braking control before setting out.   There are a few road crossings to watch for, but they are not difficult. The last quarter mile at the south end should only be attempted by advanced skaters with expert hill control. It consists of 4 steep drops with a 90 degree turn and a bridge. If you can handle it, it is a great rush. It is highly recommended that you have people stand watch at the corners to help avoid collisions with oncoming trail traffic.

    Volunteer Park (Seattle, WA)
    Length: 1 km

    Volunteer Park has a hilly park road that is suitable for skating. It is newly repaved and can be fun. Just be aware of the hills and traffic.

    Seattle Parks - Volunteer Park