Trails and Roads - Oregon

Mark Hatfield Trail (Twin Tunnels Trail) (Columbia Gorge, OR)
Length: 10 miles

This trail is open only to non-motorized traffic and is very smooth and wide and during the
late spring and summer and early fall is kept very clean - regularly swept free of
debris. You will rarely find a wider and smoother stretch of asphalt pavement
anywhere. However - the trail is VERY hilly and if one intends to skate it's length
- it should ONLY be attempted in an East to West direction.. From the gated entrance
on the Mosier Or side the trail begins with a long and moderately steep 2.5
kilometer climb that is relentless.  The climb terminates at a beautiful paved
overlook over the Columbia River.

Going from the West entrance Toward Mosier - one should NOT attempt to skate west
past this overlook and does so only at extreme peril. Without brakes - you will
easily reach speeds in excess of 45 m.p.h.!! With good brakes and braking skills -
you can control the descent but be prepared to wear away at least half of a fresh
brake pad doing so! And do not attempt the descent without having at least 60% of
your brake pad in place!

Continuing East past the Overlook - you will encounter several moderate descents
that a skilled skater can handle with or without brakes but that will intimidate
novice skaters. The pavement is wide enough to allow slalom descents and even
control speed by turning and looping back uphill to kill speed before continuing
down. Once familiar with the hills descending to the Western end of the trail - and
confidant of one's ability - a good - in fact great workout can be achieved by doing
repetitions from the Hatfield center on the West end - skating up to the overlook
(about 2 miles) and returning. Have fun.

 This trail does require the purchase of a $3 day pass. If anyone has more info on this location, please contact us.

Oregon State Parks - Historic Columbia River Highway State Park

Rooster Rock State Park (Corbit, OR, exit 35 off I-84)

The park is on the Columbia River and has a very smooth - huge parking lot that is almost exactly 2 miles long! On weekdays there is hardly ever more than a few dozen cars in the lot that hold over 1000 cars - leaving lots of room for freestyle fun and fast skating - including fun elevation changes between the sections of the lots. There is very little traffic and the Park staff are friendly. I used this park extensively in training for the Spokane inline marathon.  13 laps = 26 miles. It may sound boring but because the river is always in view and the lots are large - you can get quite a bit of variety by choosing different routes
through the interconnected lots and skating them in different directions. A state park entrance fee is required (either a day pass $3.00) or state park annual sticker.

South Beach State Park (Central Coast, OR)
Length: 1 mile

This trail is short, but the park sounds great for more than just skating.

Oregon State Parks - South Beach State Park

Tryon Creek State Natural Area (Portland, OR)
Length: 3 miles

This path parallels Terwilliger Blvd on the east side of the park from Boones Ferry Road to State Street in Lake Oswego. It is part of the Portland metropolitan bikeway system 40 mile loop

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