Trails and Roads - British Columbia

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (Vancouver, BC)
Length: 10 km

This new trail opened in June 2002 and the pavement is very good (6 meters wide). The first downhill comes at the 2 km mark with a right hand turn at the bottom. The first steep uphill is at the 3 km point and from that point it is a long climb to the 6 km mark. Once you reach the 7 km point you will find one of four rest stops. You will also find a 3 km downhill grade to the Seymour River. At the 10 km point the pavement ends and it is a short walk to the Seymour River. The Seymour Valley Trail is suitable for Advanced Beginners with excellent braking skills. Look out for pedestrians, cyclists and other skaters on the trail. Take Exit 22 off the Second Narrows Bridge and follow the signs north on Lillooet Road to the Rice Lake parking lot.

Stanley Park (Vancouver, BC)
Length: about 9 km

Stanley Park is a great place for a skate. It has a wide paved trail which is great for skaters of all skill levels and the scenery is incredible.

Vancouver Park Board - Stanley Park